Easy Ways to get whiten skin | best way to get fair skin

Easy Ways to get whiten skin

Home remedies for getting white skin: Wholesome coloring is not liked today, especially in women and girls. That they are ready to treat any use, to be gore. But in today’s time there are more boys than women and girls who want to be fair. Home remedies for getting white skin is easy.

Easy Ways to get brighten and whiten skin

We all know that women love to look beautiful. And for this, they are always worried and keep on looking for ways to become gore if you want too.

To see the white and the attraction, we have come here for some home remedies for you. During the British era, there were only Englishmen who were white but now that the English did. But we left the feeling of being white in the light of the people. In the meantime, no one would pay much attention to being fair. But now the ad has reached the extreme limit today.

Not only women today, men also use fermentation cream or black colored cream in the way of white hair. The name of the color whitening cream is according to your skin type. Those who are not fair, they are not from anywhere.

Easy Tips to Face Facial-

To be fair, you should first save yourself from the sun’s rays. (Home remedies for getting white skin) Whenever you go out, your body goes out of its entire cover. This protects your skin from falling into the sun from the UV rays. Also, use cream or any home remedies regularly for whitening.

How are skin white and black, why black skin-

In a human body, a pigment called melanin is found. On the basis of which her skin is blonde or black. When exposed to ultraviolet rays of sunlight, when this pigment starts generating melanin in excess quantity of body tissue.

Then the skin of the body becomes black and when the body tissues do not produce more nitrogen. So the skin is white, this is the reason why we are white and black. Vitamins are found in our body called folate. With the destruction of our body, black color begins to come.

Black skin prevents sunlight from penetrating into the body. Which also affects the production of vitamin D3. Whereas people living on cold spaces lack vitamin D3. So that the color of their skin is clean.

Color whitening measures-

Use of Potato: Take a large raw potato cut it in a round shape. Now rub it lightly on your face. Wash your face with light warm water after frying for 15 minutes. Regularly do this recipe daily in the morning.

Use of milk and curd: Take a curd in a bowl and then take it a bit and apply it on your face. When the curd is dried, soak the cotton paste in the milk and apply it on the face. After this, again add milk again. Do this at least four times.

Using milk and curd to make skin white
By doing this, the skin of the skin and the skin in the yogurt absorbs the skin well. Make this recipe once every 3 days, make sure that the wings of the face, black dung and acne are removed. There is also home remedies for getting white skin and you will be amazed to know them.

Usage: First of all take a bigger utensil and then heat the good amount of water in this vessel. And when its steam starts coming out, keep your face on it. Cover the cloth from top.

If the steam is warm enough, let it cool down, it will remove the Impurities present in the skin of the face and it will become clean.

Uses of Amla: Amla is very good for the face. Amla plays a big role in refining the face. You should consume marmalade for 2 months to clean the face. This will gradually begin to polish your skin.

Home remedies for getting white skin and effective prescriptions

  • Use turmeric: Mix turmeric with milk and gram flour and prepare a paste. Now apply it on the entire face and wash it with clean water after being happy. Turmeric is the biggest prison for beauty and beauty of the body. By its use, the skin is cleaned not only from outside but also from inside.
  • Use of lentil pulses: Grind lentil pulses and add egg yolk, lemon juice and raw milk. And then this one lip is ready and then this lip is well mixed on the whole skin. This will work as a natural cleanser for your skin.
  • Use of gram flour: Mix 2 teaspoons of milk and mustard oil in gram flour. Now apply it on the skin of the body and when it gets dry, rubbing it. And then take this recipe to make the skin color white by adopting this recipe.
  • Almond Use: You should soak almonds in water a few hours before your sleep. And then grind these almonds

Put a little honey and rub it on the face. This will remove face dead cells and new cells will be replaced in their place.
Use of fennel: Fresh feathers come in the face of fennel intake. Exits Impurities present in fennel. By which the color of the skin is cleaned and the digestive system is also well with daily intake of fennel. Therefore, you must eat fennel and if possible, then reduce the intake of tea and plenty.
Peppermint Usage: Mint is very good for the skin, mint is very helpful in whitening the skin. At night, you can take a bigger utensil and then take water in it and boil it by adding peppermint leaves.
Wake up in the morning and take it with this water, do it everyday. With its daily routine, your color will begin to clear in a few days.

Usage of sandalwood: Sandalwood does not just change the color of the skin, but also removes allergies and pimples. That is why Chandan is considered to be the best for the face, it is used for making paste.
Add 1 teaspoon lemon and tomato juice in sandalwood powder to make paste. And the paste is ready. Now put this paste in the face and neck properly and wash it with cold water a little later. If you want to get home remedies for getting white skin then read the post further.
Home remedies for getting white skin-

You wash your face with raw milk daily. The colors are white and you will soon become gore.
Mix the milk in the grain flour and prepare the rubbish and then rub it on your skin. And when it comes to happiness completely, take hot water from hot water.
You also drink 1 glass of carrot juice every morning, because the skin also shows the juice of carrot juice.
Mix 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and a little bit of tomato juice and then lightly massage on your face and neck. This will bring natural beauty to your face skin.
Drink plenty of water because drinking water prevents bleeding. By which the skin remains in our skin.
A bucket is mixed with lukewarm water by mixing some cold or two lemon juice, it takes a few months to clean the color of the skin after bathing in the summer.
Eat Amla’s Marmalade in your food every day. And take it for two to three months and it takes color.
Always take care of the stomach, do not let any stomach get into trouble. Avoid stomach with constipation.
After eating it every morning, after eating a few amounts of fennel, the blood starts cleansing. There is no disease on the skin and the color of the skin also changes.

Remedies for soft and smooth skin

Always use an antibacterial soap to wash the face. Make home remedies for getting the white skin. Wash your face 2-3 times a day, people whose skin is oily. They should not wash face often. Because it stimulates skin oil glands.
  • Should scrub your face 2-3 times a week. Because it gets rid of dead skin cells of the skin. The scrub leaves the skin out of the skin and will help in the development of new skin.
  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Because it excludes unwanted toxic substances from your body. If you live outside for long periods of pollution or in the sun. Wash and moisturize the face as soon as you come home.
  • Use branded sun screen lotions that protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. Use a good quality toner. There is also home remedies for getting white skin, but you use moisturizer daily.
  • It will help keep the skin smooth, soft and hydrated, change your moisturizer every 3-4 months depending on the weather. Clean the face regularly.
Take a pack of wet tissue to remove all the filth and extra oil from your face, take care of your skin with the house facial at the weekend. This causes your skin to become smooth and soft.
Skin whitening beverages
Before you go to bed for sleep every night, drink a glass of hot milk.
In a glass of hot water, take a big spoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice mixed well.
Boil one cup of water until it is lukewarm. Put 5-6 mint leaves in it and leave it covered for a few minutes. Drink this water throughout the day.
Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.
Home remedies for getting white skin and effective prescriptions
Tea and honey: Tea juice juice also plays a big role in cleansing your face. Make raw tea without making sugar for it and this can be black tea, chamomile tea or aromatic tea.
Now filter tea leaves from it. And let it cool down to room temperature. Once cooled, add one teaspoon of honey and wash your face with this mixture. (Home remedies for getting white skin)
Vinegar: Vinegar is a very important element of your home kitchen. They are easily found in every home. Without you, you can not get the real taste of many dishes. So the housewives always keep it in their house. It also helps you fight free radicals.
Take 1 glass of water for this and mix 2 spoons of vinegar in it. Mix them well and wash your face with this mixture. You can also use it with the help of cotton cloth on your skin. And
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