Diet to stay fit and get best figure

Diet to stay fit and get best figure 

Home remedies for staying fit: Are you troubled by obesity or increased weight so far you are only looking for. These are the right things to do with which you can reduce your weight. That is to increase the body weight and reduce our food. As we eat, our bodies are the same. If you want to stay fit, take home remedies to stay fit.

Yoga to stay fit

So whenever it comes to being fit, food comes first, after that we think of yoga or jam. But the food comes first, therefore it is necessary. First of all, what you need to eat in your daily life to stay fit about going to eat. Home remedies for being fit are very easy.

It is seen many times that people are more concerned about reducing their weight. And they believe that losing weight is the most difficult thing to come in the form of a challenge. But if you take your food and things according to the diet, then it is not difficult at all.

In order to keep themselves fit and healthy, each person needs at least 15 grams of fiber every day, because it helps digestion and heart health. There are some big sources of oats, lentils, Flexsides, apples and broccoli fibers.

Home remedies for staying fit-

Tea or copy: Tea and Kofi are drank too much in our India country. Let us tell you that tea or copies should never be eaten alone You can take a toss or a wisket with them. Then they do not hurt you.

What to eat to stay fit

If you do not know much about tea coffee then you should use them after breakfast. This will be the best fit for you. Such green tea should not be used in the morning empty stomach. Because doing this causes a bad effect on the liver as the amount of calories in tea is high.
Chicken: Now you might be thinking that chicken is helpful in increasing the weight. So how will it reduce your thinking is right, but they also increase the weight as well, so that’s why we have to remember only when and how to eat. Try home remedies for staying fit.

Make the chicken less spicy and take it in lunch. And in the evening only take a Shoop, there is good source of protein found in it so it is beneficial.
Bread: Bread is a light and full breakfast, it is only consumed in the morning at breakfast because it contains a very high amount of carbohydrate. Those who suffer from eating in the day and also help to increase the weight so you eat it in the morning and stay fit.

Nuts: Nuts contain almond cashews, etc. They are very small in appearance. But the smaller these are, the more beneficial they are, the more beneficial for the health. Because they contain proteins, elements and energy which give us lots of energy.

What to eat to stay fit

  • Consuming breakfast in the morning brings lots of benefits, so you should consume it in the morning and in the morning it gives us some energy.
  • Orange juice: Juices are of all fruits and fruit juice is always beneficial. But if orange juice is consumed regularly. So you will never suffer from the complaint of weight gain as the orange weight is kept in the limit.
  • A lot of vitamin C and anti-oxidants are found in orange juice. What is needed for us should not be consumed at night time. (Home remedies for staying fit)
  • Desert: Many people have a habit of eating after eating, in which some people like sweet. So some salty such people like to eat desserts after eating. And it has been seen that those who consume desserts after eating, their weight is often increased.
  • Desserts should never be eaten after eating because desserts are harmful in eating after eating. And it is helpful in increasing weight so it should never be used at night after eating.
  • Sandwich: Never eat sandwiches like this. Whenever you eat sandwiches, then cucumbers, tomatoes, and salads should be eaten together. Which will also bring you sandwich loss and you will get lots of energy which we need.

Diet chart to stay fit

nuts,pulse: People like to eat nuts in the morning, but they do not know this. What happens to eating nuts in the morning, there is a lot of fiber in it. Therefore it should be used in the daytime with lunch or with rice.

pasta: Today’s people love pasta very much. Therefore, you should not use pasta alone, whenever you eat pasta then take lunch with it. And eat with vegetables as well so that you can stay fit and not let your weight grow.

What should i eat in the evening

Pizza: As today’s people love to eat more things than eating things made in the house. One of them is pizza, if you are also a pizzeria. And if you like it, then you should eat it only in the day because it is not eaten at night.

Poha: Poha is mostly done in the form of morning breakfast, they are only going to take breakfast. They should not be consumed in the daytime Poha contains adequate protein and vitamin B which is beneficial for us. The cheapest and easy to fit home remedies should therefore be taken only in the morning or evening.

Puffed Rice: Made in India, these people today prefer more food. Do not consume them only in the morning and not even in the evening. After taking it in the day you take it, there are very few calories in it. Which will help you lose weight. (Home remedies for staying fit)

Noodles: Noodles are a heavy food, noodles should be used in a dinner with a vegetable soup. Do not eat it by frying it, because more oil or spices increase your weight. To reduce weight, take it as a soup.

Wheat bread: Any Indian food is incomplete without bread, many people believe in it. Consumption of bread in comparison to rice is good for health. It contains abundant fiber; eat 2-2 roti in both lunch and dinner. Roti is considered to be the best.

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